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Craig Sim Webb

Craig Sim Webb has been a songwriter and performing vocalist/guitarist since 1984, and has done studio and soundtrack recording since 1988. His music blends folk and world styles with various influences including traditional music of India (where he has traveled six times), Spanish flamenco rhythms and South American native folk (picked up during six months in a small community in Ecuador, and during journeys in Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico), and electronic music which he studied and helped teach at McGill University.

He is also a professional writer, speaker and inventor in the dreams and consciousness field which adds a unique creative essence to his compositions and has helped him develop a strong public presence. In addition to musical performances, he has made hundreds of public/media appearances (Discovery Channel, CTV, Global TV, CBC, TV Radio-Canada, ABC, AOL, various Universities, etc.), as well as performances and invited presentations at numerous international public events as a multimedia artist doing innovative consciousness and perception shows that incorporate musical compositions, group singing, photographic and video art, dance, and interactive visual, touch and sound experiments.