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Lowell Gasoi

A theatre artist and communications scholar, Lowell Gasoi has over 25 years experience as a performer, director and producer in the Canadian theatre community. He holds a BA in Communications Studies and an MA in Media Studies from Concordia University where his SSHRC-funded research-creation project focused on performative media in the metatheatre of Canadian playwright Daniel MacIvor. He has been a researcher with Concordia's Fluxmedia, and with the Encounters work group within the International Centre of Art for Social Change. Lowell was founder and executive director of the acclaimed Elysian River Theatre, and has experience in all aspects of theatre creation. He has successfully negotiated grants at all levels of government, along with private foundations and corporations. Most recently, Lowell held the position of General Manager at SALON Theatre Productions in Kingston, Ontario, working to facilitate the creation of plays and digital media related to Canadian history and heritage.