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Allyna Harris

Allyna Harris is a musician, composer and visual artist.  She lives and works in the Eastern Townships and Montreal. 

Solo sound based projects include composing soundscapes for art exhibitions, dance and a variety of music and video works.

Current visual arts work involve painting, drawing, photography and stop action animation.

For the past year Allyna has worked on a series of gouache drawings on black paper resulting from urban painting 'retreats' in Montreal.

Concurrent are the 'shields' paintings, oil on round canvas integrating sacred geometry, mandala, Tibetan Buddhism, the four elements and other symbolism.

Allyna is also out on the street with her camera, documenting creative human traces - wall art, graffiti, stencils, etcetera.

On the musical side, Allyna has produced seven albums of original music with guitarist Peter Mendieta, notably "Pools of Light" and "Sea of Green". She has written scripts and music for Canadian Sesame Street and composed soundtracks for visual artists Liz Davidson, Maya Lightbody, Monique Girard; dancers Lee Saunders and Brigitte Graff and puppeteer, Tim Gosley, among others. 

In 1999 Allyna founded Choromondo, a world music women's chorus based in the Eastern Townships.   She continues as artistic director, building on the current repertoire of close to 200 songs from thirty different musical traditions. 

Allyna also organizes community music events and concerts with guest artists, such as Music for People, The Samba Workshop. The African Choral Workshop and the recent Boys' Choir of Kenya concerts. Other teaching activities include mentoring piano and voice students, workshops in world vocal music and creativity coaching.

Allyna welcomes meetings with other artists, collaborations and soundtrack commissions.


Title Forest Dancing in the Breeze
Summary 30 x 40" acrylic on canvas 2016
Copyright (c) Allyna Harris 2016

Title Green Water
Summary 14 x 30 " acrylic on birch panel, 2015
Copyright (C)Allyna Harris 2015