ELAN is a multidisciplinary association for professional artists and cultural workers. To be an ELAN member, you must be a professional artist (see below for definition) residing in Quebec, be a student of the arts, or represent an arts organization. If you support the goals of ELAN and would like to keep abreast of arts-related news and events, but are not an artist or cultural worker, we invite you to become a “Friend”.

Professionals: ELAN recognizes ‘professional artists’ as defined by national artists’ associations and art councils. Professional artists are those who:

Professional artists include: actors, choreographers, circus artists, composers, curators, dancers, graphic designers, fashion designers, directors, editors, filmmakers, media artists, musicians, producers, singers, stage managers, technicians, visual artists and writers, as well as other related professions. Professional membership is $30/year.

Organizations: Arts organizations include dance studios, film production companies, galleries, performing arts companies, performance spaces, music venues, publishing houses, professional unions, and other associations for professional artists. Organizational membership is $30/year.

Students: Students are those registered in full-time studies (as defined by the institution) in any discipline, at an accredited school or training program. Student membership is free.

Friends: ELAN also offers membership to individuals and organizations that appreciate the arts and wish to keep abreast of arts-related news and events. These may include people who provide services to artists (e.g. accountants, translators), community organizations, non-professional artists, funders and patrons of the arts, as well as professional artists residing outside of Quebec. Friend membership is only $20/year.