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Recognizing Artists: Enfin Visibles!

During the 1970s and '80s an English-language arts community in Quebec was a wistful memory for many, and a living reality for a die-hard few. It would have been impossible to imagine the current artistic renaissance. Some of these artists have deep roots in Quebec, some of them left and later returned, while others immigrated here for a wide variety of reasons.  

These essays place the current artistic renaissance in its historical context, outlining major characters, events and previously undocumented stories. General readers will be surprised by the breadth and depth of activity. Specialist readers will wonder why their specific artistic discipline, decade, or region of Quebec is passed over so quickly.  These histories are just a slender sapling: they provide a trunk for new branches, leaves and fruit.

The Histories are also available in book format as Minority Report: An Alternative History of English-Language Arts in Quebec, released by Guernica Editions. This compact paperback gathers essays by seven prominent Quebec culture critics that trace the rarely-told stories of English music, theatre, dance, visual arts, film and literature from the cosmopolitan early 20th Century through a period of decline in the 70s and 80s to the surprising renaissance of the past decade. For anyone working in the arts in Quebec, this book is a must-read, revealing the roots of one of the country’s best known, least understood cultural hotbeds.

[Minority Report] represents the first time this history has been documented. This book promises to become required reading for anyone interested in the stories of Quebec’s English-language artists. (Anne Lagacé Dowson, journalist)

Copies available through ELAN for $20. $15 for ELAN members. Contact or 514.935.3312 for your copy.


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