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Lori Morrison

Lori has worked in the audio production/voiceover field for the last 20 years, she is also an accomplished visual artist in both photography and painting, in addition to being a published writer. Her voice, and her art can be heard, seen, and read around the world. Hear her here: Evenko ads (TV, Guzzo Theatres, etc) Bell Centre Television ads Radio ads Read her past pieces here: LiftBook The Suburban WestmountMagazine CBC/ZeDTV Artwork is on a show by show basis


Title Ravenscrag Residents
Summary 36" x 72" acrylic impasto
Description A painting that has 'residents' appear as you move around the piece, and it seems the buildings shift as well. Lori Morrison 2016

Title Untitled
Summary Photography

Title Untitled
Summary Photography

Title Untitled
Summary Photography

Title Backstage
Summary BW Photography
Description 1985, Montreal Psyche Fest

Title By The Canal
Summary Photography

Title NYC
Summary Colour Photography

Title Kastner
Summary BW Photography

Title Dial M
Summary BW Photography

Title Fire
Summary Acrylic on canvas 24x30

Title Smoulder
Summary Acrylic on canvas 18x24

Title Black Hole
Summary Acrylic on canvas 30x30

Title Greg
Summary Acrylic on canvas 10x10