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Esther Kanfi

Esther, a lifelong Montrealer, has been a student of the arts for most of her life. Her interests have included many different media over the years, foremost among which are Stone Sculpting, Ceramics, and especially Painting.

Her studies took on a more formal character in the early 1980's, when she began training at the Saidye Bronfman School of Fine Arts, working with such professors as Rita Briansky, AmyLee, Rose Cobeil, Brigitte Radecky for painting, Stanley Lewis for Sculpting, and Myrna Brooks Bercovitch for "mixed media."

She pursued her strongest love of Painting and Sculpture throughout the first half of the decade, producing some of her more notable works such as Landscapes and Still Life. In addition to the Saidye Bronfman School, her tutelage continued with a number of different teachers in Institutions from Montreal to Miami, including the South Florida's Art Institute of Fine Arts in Hollywood, Florida, and the Montreal's Visual Art Center.

More recently, she began a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts at Concordia University's Fine Arts Program. She began with a major in sculpting, however the experimental artist found the restriction of a single medium too confining. Subsequently, she was transferred to a more flexible area of the Studio Arts Program that dealt with a variety of materials. This particular Studio Art Program permits greater expression through her traditional range of medias that is impressionistic. Her main theme falls under still life and Landscape Creations. She is inspired greatly by nature, both land and sea. Esther's sculpting process involves Clay, Plaster, Wax; Stone (using chisel and hammer) copper piping and bronze. Her painting includes: Collages & Acrylic, Pastels & Ink. She has also created Folk Art in the form of "Open Visuals Boxes" and Collage with image transfer. Therefore this makes her a Multi Media Artist. In this period of time her work progressed tremendously with professors of Concordia University.

Her creations have graced the walls and pedestals of a number of known public venues and student exhibitions. These showings include a 5-year run at the juries Arts & Crafts Show at Chomedy. Laval, Quebec as well as the ongoing exhibition at the Gallery Art Depot. Gallery Art N.D.G, Association of Jewish Artist's, Cummings Center, Gallery Alef, and Arts Shorer/ Ecole Des Beaux Art? Member of the Independent Art Association, ARTS CLUB, and the WOMAN'S ART SOCIETY of Montreal. Esther continues her work both at Concordia and her Studio at home.


Title The flight of the butterflies
Summary The nature of colored butterflies fliying piecefully.

The subject is about butterflies in motion in a large green forest.  Media, is Acrylic on Canvas.

Contributor It was produced while watching the butterflies fliying

Title Butterflys Lost in a Shuffle
Summary A Fairy Tail Story

It’s about a couple in a forest with butterflys flying around.

The media, was used in driffrent colours of acrylic paint, with a thick paint brush.
Contributor ------------

Title Butterflys at Play
Summary It's about nature of Buterflys being together and flying around

Media: Acrylic Paint and Conte Crayon on Canvas Butiful butterflys flying around

Publisher none
Contributor a part of a dual show in 2007
Copyright none

Title Little Boy Blue
Summary fantasy

It was created in the fall season with beautiful colorful leaves falling near

a country barn yard cabin. The media is Acrylic on Canvas with thick paint with a brush.
Publisher in my website