Canada Council’s New Six Program Funding Model

Thu 18 Jun, 2015 - Spotlight

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On June 3rd the Canada Council for the Arts released the first glimpse of its new funding model. The Council has condensed the current 147-program system into six non-disciplinary programs. The six new programs are as follows: Explore and Create; Engage and Sustain; Renewing Artistic Practices; Creating, Knowing and Sharing Aboriginal Arts; Arts Across and Arts Abroad. The Council’s ambition is to move away from fragmentation that currently exists within the funding agency, and towards a moresimple and flexible system.

In addition to the restructuring of granting programs, the Canada Council will be modifying its application process and introducing a web-based grant application system. The Canada Council for the Arts has reassured observers that no one will be lost to the non-disciplinary categories, and that the new model will allow for the infinite growth needed to support the evolving configurations of artistic practices.

The transition into the new model will span the next two years. The new structure will be applied in 2016 and funds will be distributed in 2017. More information and specifics on the model will be released in the fall of 2015. Until then, you can listen to Simon Brault, Director and CEO of the Canada Council, outlining the changes here, check out this interview with Brault by Canadian Art, or browse the FAQ page that the Canada Council has set up here.

The announcement of the restructuring and its specifics have been met with both support and criticism. You can read some positive perspectives here, and here, and some more wary perceptions here, and here.

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