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Whether you're just starting out in the arts or already a seasoned painter, writer or performer, you're likely grappling with lack of time, survival issues, creative blocks or other concerns - on top of everything else that life throws at you. A creativity coach can help you work through these obstacles in pursuit of a meaningful, productive life in the arts.

I'm offering free creativity coaching sessions this fall, via email or by phone, as part of my certification training through the Creativity Coaching Association. You can choose what we focus on, with the option of including any of the topics listed below.

If you'd like to register, please email me at I'd love to work with you!

September 19, 2016: Six weeks of coaching for writers. Resistance to writing; picking and protecting your writing space; craft; who's who in publishing.

October 31: Six weeks of coaching for visual artists. Artist's identity; rekindling desire; mindfully dealing with circumstances; subject matter and meaning; art-making as calling; art marketplace relationships.

December 12: Four weeks of coaching for dancers, actors, comics. Identifying as a performer; turning ordinary situations into performances; types of performances; performers and criticism; handling performance anxiety; performers' relationships.

ABOUT THE COACH: I am an exhibiting visual artist who has performed as an amateur musician, studied dance and explored creative writing. I worked as a journalist, editor, librarian and job coach before returning to painting full-time.