Created in 2005 by Quebec's English-speaking arts community, ELAN was modeled in part on the Quebec Drama Federation and the Quebec Writers' Federation, which provide valuable support for the theatre and writing communities and have made strong connections with francophone colleagues. ELAN's vision was to establish a meeting place for English-language artists and cultural workers of all disciplines from every region of Quebec. 

According to the 2006 Census, 8,500 English-speaking Quebeckers work in arts and culture. More than 3000 work in film and television, 1000 in music, 800 in visual arts. Smaller numbers work in theatre, writing, publishing, media arts, dance and circus arts. Significant numbers work in fields such as animation and translation.  

Many artists work in at least two languages. ELAN's 2010 study of workers in Film and Television revealed that 26% live in bilingual homes, 62% considered themselves fluently bilingual, and 97% were at least partially bilingual. ELAN offers language training support to members because language skills are a major factor in career success and quality of life for English-speaking artists in Quebec.

ELAN's Professional Members range from emerging artists straight out of school to internationally renowned artists. 

Organization Members include theatres, performance spaces, studios, galleries, publishers, and libraries.

Student Members ELAN is increasingly reaching out to students at universities, CEGEPS and professional training institutions. Membership for students is free!

ELAN's Friend Members include patrons of the arts, service providers, community organizers and artists who are not currently living in Quebec but wish to show their support.


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