What We Do

ELAN works in six key areas to:

Provide support, services and networking opportunities to English-speaking artists of all disciplines in all regions of Quebec. 

As an artists' network, ELAN helps artists share resources, ideas and inspiration across all disciplines.

Promote artists' work so they receive greater recognition and visibility. 

We believe in the importance of celebrating our artists and their contributions to Quebec culture.

Collaborate with sister organizations to coordinate and instigate support services, such as professional development and mentorship opportunities.

ELAN works closely with our three sister organizations - the Quebec Writers' Federation (QWF), the Quebec Drama Federation (QDF), and the Association of English Language Publishers (AELAQ) - to promote English-language artists and their work. Each of these organizations holds a seat on our board of directors, and we often collaborate to host events, workshops, and refer our members when they need specialized assistance.

Build bridges between English-speaking and French-speaking communities. 

ELAN encourages an evolving Quebec identity that recognizes French as the public language and celebrates social, cultural, and artistic diversity.

Advocate on behalf of English-speaking artists and their community in critical areas such as public broadcasting.

ELAN works behind the scenes to increase recognition and funding support for Quebec's English-language artists, and for arts and culture in general.

Promote arts and culture as a means to enrich education, develop the creative economy and serve as a motor for economic development.

We believe in the power of the arts in every aspect of our lives.