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Gordon Ladd

Born and raised in the heart of the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec, Gordon Ladd has had a lifelong love of nature. He began his career in 1967 under the tutelage of Canadian artist, the late Ron Davies. working mainly in oils, he creates nature scenes in a realistic style


Title The Flow - Ruiter Brook
Summary A brook descending from the hills near Dunkin, Quebec.

Water flowing over rocks on a brook. One of my favorite scenes. Produced by oil on canvas and brushes in my studio with photographs as a guide.

Title Still Proud
Summary Fall Scene of a sugar house no longer in use.

A fall scene of one of the many sugar houses of Quebec which are no longer in use. This particular one is near Brome, Quebec. Produced on canvas with brushes and oil using a photograph as a guide.

Title Forest Edge
Summary Scene of a woods after a wet snowfall.

This scene is the edge of a forest after a snowfall. I was inspired by a photograph which I took. It is an oil on canvas developed with brushes.

Title To Hear the Sound
Summary A small stream flowing down a mountainside.

I was drawn to this site by the sound of the small stream descending the mountainside. The dark rocks and the lighter colored stream made a vivid contrast. It was produced in my studio, guided by photographs. It is an oil on canvas using brushes.

Title Just Up the Road
Summary Farm scene on a hillside.
Description Country scene of a farm on a hillside. Oil on canvas and brushes.