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Guillaume Jabbour

After leading a triple-life as a father and husband, elementary school math teacher and local gigging musician for nearly a decade, in the Spring of 2016, Guillaume Jabbour, founder and leader of Montreal folk band Jabbour, quit his job of nine years to pursue a career as a full-time songwriter and performing musician and to strengthen the band. The members of the band had played together in various projects over the years and finally recorded a debut album in 2016 (launch date: June 30, 2016). Jabbour`s music is the result of combining a bilingual approach to songwriting with folk influences that inspire the band, such as Cajun and Québécois music, Western Swing and the musical poetry of french chansonniers. The band has toured in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and during the summer of 2016 in the Maritimes. The members of the band include Bill Collier from Charlottetown, PEI (cajon, ukulele, vocals) - Grouyan Gombo, Pat Loiselle's Mambo Combo, Fouttiyayaille; Guillaume Jabbour from Lachute, Qc. (guitar, vocals) - Grouyan Gombo, Les Perroquets; and Carl Rufh from Ormstown, Qc. (double bass) - Durham Country Poets, Grouyan Gombo, The Echo Hunters. On the album, Bernadette Fortin's versatile fiddling and backing vocals can be heard; she is living out of the country at this time. The show weaves together stories about Canadians - an aging husband and wife caring for each other, for example, or an unlikely couple meeting for the first time at a student protest. Love, life, death, friendship, and the changing of seasons are some of the themes visited in their songwriting. As Guillaume and Bill introduce the songs, the music flows, creating links between the themes that listeners can relate to. It is a bilingual concert, with Guillaume and Bill switching back and forth between french and english seamlessly, as it would be if you were sitting at the dinner table with a bilingual family!