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Sharon Hyman

I am a Montreal filmmaker who produces, writes, directs, films and edits her movies - and also stars in them!
Called a "one-woman film industry" and "our Woodette Allen", I have been making what I call autodocumentaries since my youth, using humour and candour to show a side of the female psyche not typically seen in the mainstream media.

I am currently working on my latest project APARTNERS: LIVING HAPPILY EVER APART, a documentary about committed couples who choose to live apart.

My last film NEVERBLOOMERS: THE SEARCH FOR GROWNUPHOOD received critical acclaim and was broadcast multiple times nationwide on the CBC documentary channel.

I also hold a Master's degree in Educational Technology, with a focus on the use of television and film to promote attitude change and social learning.

Most recently I founded The Montreal Film Directors group, a collective of professional, established filmmakers who wish to meet in person regularly to lend support and share information. We now have over 300 members.