ELAN is pleased to announce Arts & Community Culture On-the-Road (ACCORD), a 2-year pilot project (2011- 2013). 

Artists are always seeking new audiences. Communities and schools around Quebec appreciate performances and presentations by live artists. ACCORD will connect artists and communities in new and diverse ways.

The launch of this website marks the beginning of the active part of the ACCORD Project. In Year 2, ACCORD will work with regional partners to kickstart pilot events in communities around the province, while continuing efforts to develop the online Tool Kit and to recruit new artists and presenters to join the network

Please, if you have feedback about how we can continue to improve this site or ideas to help promote arts & culture in your community, let us know! Contact accord.info@quebec-elan.org or 514.935.3312.

-Guy Rodgers (ELAN Executive Director)



There are three ways to use the ACCORD site.

1) Community presenters can:

  • Become part of ACCORD by clicking on How to join.
  • Discover artists in the Profiles section. 
    These are artists who work in many different disciplines and are willing to take their act on the road.
  • Use the Tool Kit's Presenters section to:
    - Help with contracts, budgets and promotion.
    - Review the March 2012 Workshops for inspiration about stimulating new arts events in your community, whether you want to start a book club, community theatre group, choir or youth group.
    - Access valuable information about funding, partnerships and ways in which arts can play a valuable role in education, health, community development and the creative economy.


2) Artists can:

  • Create a profile and propose a touring project by clicking on How to join.
  • Make direct contact with community presenters, educators, and fellow artists in the Profiles section.
  • Use the Tool Kit's Artists section to access valuable information about touring.


3) Educators can:

  • Discover artists in the Profiles section. 
    These are artists who work in many different disciplines and are willing to bring their act to your school.  
  • Learn more about the many benefits of Culture in the Schools in the Tool Kit's Educators section, and how to apply. There, you can also choose from a featured list of qualifying artists and writers.
  • Find new ways to collaborate with partners in the community.


The ACCORD project is made possible through funding by the Canadian Heritage - Development of Official-Language Communities Program and our partnerships with the Quebec Drama Federation and Quebec Communities Group Network.