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Eleanor Stubley


Hailed in 1996 as “one of Canada’s most promising young conductors”, the indefatigable Eleanor Stubley has spent the last fifteen years living up to the accolade.  A conductor and musicologist, Stubley began her music career in the early 80’s as a budding French-horn player.  In 1989, she joined McGill’s Faculty of Music as an Associate Professor, and by 1992 she’d won the Prague Conservatory’s International Dvorak Competition, dedicated to the discovery of new classical talent.  Since then, Stubley has conducted numerous Canadian and international ensembles, including the Massey Singers, the Bach Festival Orchestra, and members of the Canadian Opera Company.  Eager to contribute back to her home city, Stubley currently serves as artistic director of Chora Carmina (an organization that undertakes interdisciplinary film projects with Montreal painters, sculptors, and dancers) as well Montreal’s Yellow Door Choir.  As a musicologist she has written many books, including 2005’s Louis Riel: The Opera and Its Making, which won the Opus Prize. (DN)

Photo Credit: Allison Cordner Photography